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Here at TrailsEnd Kennel, we provide things that most kennels don't provide without adding on extra charges.  We pride ourselves on having one of the cleanest, most efficient kennels in Northern Michigan.  We are a very small kennel with only 10 runs, so your pets get more individualized attention and care.  If your pets are on any medications (including insulin injections), special diets, etc. then we're happy to give whatever care is required at "no extra charge".   

Outdoor Kennel Area
Inside Kennel Area
The exercise yard

We have radiant heat floors so our kennel stays cozy warm for your pets in the colder months but we also have air conditioning to keep them cool in the warmer months.
As you can see by the above photos, our runs are all concrete so most dogs that are housebroken do not want to use their kennel as a bathroom (which is how we like it tooCool) so all dogs are let out to one of our exercise yards or taken for a walk 4 times a day to stretch their legs and "read the paper".  This helps ensure that they don't come home with bad habits and they get lots of individual time and attention.  It is also our hope that your pet will actually enjoy their stay with us as much as we enjoy having them.  We like to refer to our place as "puppy camp" and as many of our customers have said, "dogs love it here".   

relaxing in the yard

We also offer day care services from 9am-6pm through out the year.  However, we do not have "group" day care.  Pets are still housed individually.  We typically let dogs out to exercise individually but after they have been here a few times and we've gotten to know their personality, then we can let them play with other dogs if we have other dogs here that we feel are a compatible match. 

You can bring treats, toys and bedding if you would like to. Rooms are equipped with Kuranda Beds, which will keep your pet elevated off the floor. We have plenty of food and water bowls here so you can leave those at home unless you feel it necassary they have their own. (Please refrain from bringing any ceramic bowls) We allow your pet to keep any belongings in their room that you have packed for them. However, we do not have laundry facilities in the building so if your pet has an accident and soils their belongings they will be placed in a plastic bag for you.

We do recommend that you bring whatever food your pet normally eats when at home.  We have no problem feeding them on whatever schedule they are used to.  We certainly understand how pets can make us feel guilty but we will ask that you not feed your pet(s) a bunch of "guilt food or treats" prior to bringing them to us.   This will only disrupt your pets normal routine and may cause unneccesary diarrhea. Frown  Your pet will be much happier without that and so will we.